So, you help people cut costs, Right?

No. We help businesses grow and while that may include trimming costs, you can’t cut your way to prosperity.

You guys do bookkeeping, Right?

Negative. Our clients generally have bookkeepers before we get there and if they do not, we help them get a bookkeeper or outsourced solution in place. Several of our CFOs are CPAs by trade and while we could deliver bookkeeping services, the best value we can provide is helping clients grow. We actually help bookkeeping firms provide better value to their clients. 

But you do taxes. No?

No. We leave that to the accountants who do a superb job at tax planning. At Imperial Advisory, we believe we can better utilize our time and skills doing what we do best: helping CEOs and CFOs take their businesses to the next level. We actually help some CPAs provide better value to their clients.

So…how exactly are you different from an accountant?

Accountants tend to deal with filing your taxes and balancing books for your company while our CFOs take on more of a strategy and leadership role. We look at your company holistically and assess its current financial health while looking for growth opportunities for the future. All of our CFOs have been CFOs of large companies, and many have been CEOs and/or COOs of large companies. In fact, some of our team members have been CEOs of companies with revenue of $1 billion.

Why do people hire you?

Businesses bring us in to guide CEOs, CFOs, and controllers in getting companies to the next level. We bring decades of finance and strategy knowledge, know-how, and expertise.